Storyteller, journalist, artist, influencer, world changer.   

I am currently an Entertainment Host at Shared News on YouTube (70k subs), based in Los Angeles. We talk all things Bachelor, Pop culture and the latest entertainment headlines. I am also an active social media manager and create content for multiple celebrity, influencer and brand clients across all social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.

I am most known for creating my own entertainment news social videos on the weekly, including my self-made Bachelor news show: Twitter Takes on IGTV.

I am graduated with my Masters of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Southern California. Fight on! I worked on several news productions at Annenberg including The Rundown (digital/social), ATVN entertainment, long-form documentary and had one of my news packages aired on the local news channel, Spectrum News 1.     

I also received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Production and Journalism from Pepperdine University where I worked on multiple television and stage shows like NewsWaves, Songfest, Reel Stories, Currents Magazine and two theater productions.  

Some of my news reporting highlights include red carpet coverage at the Emmy's, SAG awards, LA film festival and several movie premieres. I also covered the Borderline shooting, the homeless crisis in Malibu and anchored 3+ hours of live 2018 Midterm Election coverage.

When I'm not on my phone scrolling TikTok, you can find me at the movies, a concert or the beach!

FUN FACTS: I have performed in theater since I was ten and have traveled to 12 countries!

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